Mundo-a will be built on the site of the Ecohuis, Turnhoutsebaan 139, in Borgerhout, Antwerp.

At the foundation of the Ecohuis, the plan was to have a new building built on the street side of the site. It seemed best suited for a socially responsible project, preferably working in a field linked to the actions of the Ecohuis (environmentally responsible living and building). Because the Mundo centres are all about sustainability, in particular about ecological construction, Ethical Property Europe was the ideal candidate.

Apart from opportunities for cooperation at thematic level, there are also some practical advantages. Mundo-a will have only small meeting rooms, as there are larger meeting rooms available in the Ecohuis. Likewise, Mundo-a will not have its own café-restaurant, like the other Mundo centres: for snacks, drinks, meals, and catering for meetings, we will be happy to refer to the EcoCafé.

Between the Ecohuis and Mundo-a there will be a cosy courtyard, with the atmosphere of an open space in the woods. It will keep on hosting some local events that have been taking place there for years, like BorgeRio and a flee market.

Mundo-a is also very easy to reach:

  • 1 km from Antwerp's central train station
  • 200 m from the Velo station 'Moorkensplein' (the city's system of rental bikes)
  • Tram and bus stop 'Drink' right in front of the site: trams 10 and 24, buses N24, 30, 31, 242, 410, 411, 412, 414, 415, 416, 417, 418, 420, 421, 422, 423, 427, 429
  • In a few years, the underground station under Mundo-a will become fully operational. At the moment, there's an emergency exit.